Soooo Exciting – My very first Blog Award

Wow this is super super exciting. Awards are one of those cool bonuses to blogging that I did not realize when I started. A bit like how addictive getting comments can be. On that note – I love comments so please comment about my mad rambling if you come across my blog!

blog award
I got this award from my partner in much wine consumption, my shoulder to cry on, ear to moan in, been there and made the same mistakes buddy Laura Thank you! For it I need to share 10 things about myself and then give the award to 10 other blogs that I love.

1) I had an awesome day today – my friend Colleen did a boudoir photo shoot for me today. It was so much fun and I really did feel very sexy. Can’t wait to see the pics. How cool is the timing of this award. Look it says boudoir on it!

2) My second name is Jane, I used to hate it but now I like it so much I actually often wish I could be called Sally-Jane.

3) I love ice-cream, chocolate and coffee – a lot!

4) I never realized quite how much I would love my boobs – can I just say again, I LOVE them! They have not changed me, they are not responsible for making me happy or not they are just nice to have.

5) I like being bare foot.

6) I need sunshine, I am very fair and burn easily so it is not like I am out there baking my little lily white bum in the sun or anything, but I really struggle when there is no sun for extended periods of time. I need to see blue sky and feel warmth on my skin. I think I suffered from S.A.D in the UK, even winter here in SA we still get some sun.

7) I dream of a weekend away without my kids, my parents do give me a break and they watch the kids so I can do stuff, but I would love to wake up on my own and need to do no more than roll over and go back to sleep or read or whatever else takes my fancy. I love my kids but some days just feel a little burnt out.

8 ) I don’t care if my clothes match my hair, in fact I quite like wearing orange. Speaking of hair, I really need to grow pink hair so if anyone can let me know how I would be very very grateful.

9) I miss my sisters in the UK.

10) I am worried about next week, but trying to do what D told me. live in the present and take control of the stuff I can control and remember that eating is not optional.

And now to pass it on:
Damaria, Barbara ( yes I know you don’t count yourself as a blogger – but you do blog on our EB blog and you are AWESOME) Jeanette, Elaine, Bridget, Karin, I’m so not a blogger, acidicice