Boobs need support – I need to run

It has been ages since I last ran and I am really starting to get rather fidgety. Tomorrow is 5 weeks since the new boobs, that I am totally in love with by the way! Monday I go for my last check up and hopefully get the all clear to start run again. So I now need to go and get sports bra to run with. I just never bothered with a bra when running before, well to be honest I just never bother with a bra most of the time, but the new boobs will need support so they don’t fall down and land up around my belly button – not the look I was going for! The natural droop is one thing, but 2 foreign silicon circles migrating to my stomach is another. This unfortunate stage of affairs is called ‘Bottoming Out’ btw and for some very interesting pictures Google is your friend. Bottoming Out is one of the post boob op complication I was warned about and although totally correctable it is one I would really rather avoid. So an uber tight boobs-going-nowhere sport bra is on the shopping list.

Running is my happy drug it really makes me feel heaps better about myself and my world. You can sort out so many things in your head while you run. Maybe it is all the bouncing around that jostles the thoughts into some coherent pattern or maybe it is the forward motion that makes you see ways to get things in my life moving forward too, or maybe it is just the fresh air and time to think away from the constant demand on my attention from kids, computer, work, twitter, blogs, phone, friends and life in general. I know no one is going to talk to me and it is one of the few times I get with just me and my thoughts.

I was told that running is going to age me with all that bouncing up and down and that I am going to look like an old hag soon. Cycling was recommended, but there are a few problems with this suggestion. Well there is only one problem really it just has numerous potentially disastrous outcomes. I CAN’T ride a bike. Yes yes I know but what is a girl to do? I have a bike, a very fancy (so I am told as I know nothing about bikes) mountain bike with gears and all. My ex did try to teach me, but I am terrified and I still maintain if you did not learn as a kid you have very little hope as an adult. While there is less impact riding a bike when you know how, the impact of me falling off all the time is not going to do anything for my looks either. Okay so my skin might not sag as much but I will be covered in scars, I might lose a limb or even better yet be killed and then all I will have achieved is being a young pretty corpse! And bikes need maintenance and get punctures and all these things that I have no idea how to solve – No D I don’t want to learn 😉

No it is just going to have to be running, well slow plodding to be honest especially after these few sedentary weeks. All I need is me and a pair of shoes. Besides now that I can eat again, I need to run or the kg’s are going to start piling on. 2 Oceans here I come.