Funny things people say when you have pink hair

Although I don’t have pink hair for the reactions from others, and in fact I often forget about it and wonder why people are looking at me, it does get a reaction a lot of the time. From kids telling their moms ‘Daai tannie het Pienk hare’ and the moms trying to move along quickly and get the kid out of ear shot, to the quick glance not to make looking again too obvious, to the open staring.

But some people’s reactions are just too funny. Like last week when I was at the TV studio one of the co-presenters asked me ‘What possessed you to have pink hair’ as though it was something one could only do when possessed by some mad whim or worse maybe some evil pink haired monster. Then she proceeded to ask if the carpet matched the curtains!

But I get asked “why?” a lot. Now without going into the whole story I did here on my blog I need to have a standard one line answer that is not all depressing. Any ideas?

13 thoughts on “Funny things people say when you have pink hair

  1. Just because you can?

    Or just shrug and give them an all knowing secret little smile 🙂

    I don’t know why people make such a big deal about it. It’s okay to dye your hair black, brown, blonde or red but be a little adventurous about it and suddenly there has to be a reason instead of being an expression of who you are or where your mindspace is at the moment?

    • Goblin – exactly!!! I don’t really understand what they want to know, so it is hard to answer. I just like it and why the hell not. Does there have to be some deep meaning?!?!?

  2. Well that in itself is your answer – “I just like it or felt like it or to hide the grey” the same anyone else would answer had they died their hair a different shade to their natural – no further explanation needed.
    (Kara would answer that she is Larva girl)

    I dont think the question is strange, if I suddenly went blonde (or silver grey as I would like to) even you would ask why – pink hair is not the norm and anything not the norm is going to be questioned. When you first did it you expected the questions and reactions – you actually liked it. The only difference now is you have had pink hair long enough that it feels more normal to you so you forget that people who meet/see you for the first time are not used to it.

    • maybe you are right, it does not really bother me it is just I need to have a one liner. And it is harder than you think because just saying “I like it”, or” it makes me feel happy’, or whatever does not seem to be enough for people, they want a deep insightful answer and there really is not one.

      But I love Kara’s answer I am going with that – I have pink hair because I want to be Larva girl.

  3. Poeple draw little lines of what they would /would not do, and I think for many people, having pink hair falls into the categiry of DON’T. So you become the bug; under a smicrososcope:-(

    My one liner would be: “because i wanted to.”

  4. I’ve got loads of corvette red slashes through my hair and even working in the coloured hair capital of the world I still get people staring at me.

    I tell them it grew like that naturally just to watch them try to process the information. though I may use meriel’s reasoning next time

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