Funny things people say when you have pink hair

Although I don’t have pink hair for the reactions from others, and in fact I often forget about it and wonder why people are looking at me, it does get a reaction a lot of the time. From kids telling their moms ‘Daai tannie het Pienk hare’ and the moms trying to move along quickly and get the kid out of ear shot, to the quick glance not to make looking again too obvious, to the open staring.

But some people’s reactions are just too funny. Like last week when I was at the TV studio one of the co-presenters asked me ‘What possessed you to have pink hair’ as though it was something one could only do when possessed by some mad whim or worse maybe some evil pink haired monster. Then she proceeded to ask if the carpet matched the curtains!

But I get asked “why?” a lot. Now without going into the whole story I did here on my blog I need to have a standard one line answer that is not all depressing. Any ideas?