All in a days work – anyone want to marry me?

I am lying in bed after my exhausting day of being famous. I am imagining a butler and mansion and all the things that should go along with being a TV star. Hahaha stop the day dream Sally – reality check it was a morning parenting show, but it was actually loads of fun and I was not nearly as nervous as I thought I would be.

The day started with an early 4:45am alarm call. I had not slept well, some days I just wish I could turn my brain off. A quick hair wash and I was dressed and out the door at 5:15 to go fetch Elaine from Barbara’s house. I actually landed up wearing none of the outfits voted on. Barbara came round yesterday evening and helped me put together a great outfit that was pink, very me and even had high heel shoes! I felt good. I stupidly forgot my camera at home but one of the other guests had one and said she would email me a picture of us in all our stage make up glory.

Traffic was horrible but it moved albeit very very slowly, we collected Greg so he could help fix my computers which seem to be determined to make my life harder than it is at the moment. I was yawning like mad in the car and a bit worried I would swallow the whole set during the show, but we had time for a quick coffee which seemed to settle the yawns and then dropped Greg and misbehaving computers off at his work.

I am pleased to report that we only got a tiny bit lost once – this is really not bad going in the life and times of Sally and her driving escapades which always involve a lot more getting lost and landing up some daft place like East Gate parking lot and other such stupid things – but not today. Today I rocked directionally speaking. I really should invest in a SatNav thingy for times when me and the end destination seem to be repelling each other like 2 magnets of like poles.

Once at the eTV studio we had to have thick stage makeup applied, for someone who wears very little makeup at the best of times this was an interesting experience. I am sure I had more makeup on for this than I had for my own wedding! Then they decided I need to have my pink hair straightened. The afore mentioned pink hair had caused quite a lot of interest up to this point. Not sure Great Expectation have had a pink haired guessed before.

Once we were all done up it was off to the set, where the real fun starts. They had warned that it might be cold but actually with all those lights shinning down on you the set was quite warm. Sam Cowen was very easy to talk to and make one so relaxed by the time the show started I was not really nervous at all. The show was all about spring, new life and being a more green eco friendly mom. I was their natural parenting expert and got to speak about having practiced natural green parenting and Elaine and I got to demonstrate cloth nappies and how easy they now are. All in all the show went well I think from my seat on the set, but I am yet to watch it and see what I think once I see and hear myself. I think we are always our own worst critics.

Elaine and I then headed back to Greg to see if there was any progress on my computers. Wow there is no way in hell I would ever have been able to fix that myself – safe mode or not. It was some trojan thingy in my profile that just kept coming back over and over and that disabled the anti-virus program. Greg got the laptop working enough by about 4 that I at least have something to use for the moment. The flash drive and desk top are still being worked on and the lap top has to go back on Friday for another check up with Dr Greg along with my camera memory sticks.

Greg you are a life saver, I have no no idea what I would have done without you to rescue me from my computer nightmares. Maybe it is time to say good bye to windows after all. Anyone else use Ubuntu?

Someone told me that I need to find a nice IT man and marry him so that I will not have all these computer issues. So if there are any IT guys out there who would like to apply the only prerequisite is that you make me happy – more on what this entailed in that in the next blog.

8 thoughts on “All in a days work – anyone want to marry me?

  1. It sounds like you had fun, some one once suggested that I do the Kyknet dating show Boer Soek n Vrou ha ha. I hope you do find a nice man, you’re too pretty not to have some one adore you until the end of time. (Actually I hope I find one too)

  2. haha I thought you were looking for a husband that could provide a mansion and butler … but no you just want a nice guy who is IT savvy – good for you (maybe a IT savvy mansion and butler provider??)
    You really did look comfortable on the show, maybe you need to sell your own talk show to the networks Ü

  3. I can’t wait for your TV pix and to see you on screen. Will their be a repeat I can watch??

    As for finding an nice IT geek as a hubby – I can give you a double thumbs up for that. Its brilliant having a hubby who knows how to fix everything!!! I love my Boerewors!

  4. You were great Sally. I thought you came across as calm and confident and someone who really knows her stuff. Can you put me in touch with Greg? I could also use a good IT guy – but I don’t think I’m ready to marry one just yet πŸ˜‰

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