I need help

Okay so as i said I am going to be on TV next week but the thing is I need to decide what to wear.

This is the dress code we were sent via email


Please refrain from the following:

Striped clothing.
Busy clothing – paisleys, little blocks, shapes etc. (As much as possible, use simple patterned clothing, nothing too intricate and busy that jumps out at you).
Branded clothing or t-shirts with slogans.
Shorts or mini skirts.
Dresses without belts (as this makes it difficult to attach a microphone battery pack onto you).
Low ā€œVā€ Neck tops (this also creates a problem for the microphone).
Shorts and t-shirts.
Light pastel colours and yellow.
Chunky neck jewelry that might rub against your microphone.
Takkies and messy shoes (please remember that your shoes will be on camera).

Also important to remember:

Please dress comfortably; not too formal and not too casual. No heavy suits.
High heels, slacks, skirts, jerseys, smart shirts are always a plus.
Please make sure that whatever you are wearing has a waistband to hold your microphone battery pack.
The temperature in studio is quite low, causing it to be a bit chilly. Please bear this in mind, especially if you are prone to feeling cold.

So I spend a good deal of this morning trying on stuff, I don’t own high heels ( well I do but not for TV), slacks ( jeans maybe but slacks no) or smart shirts. What I do own is over 40 different skirts ( I counted them today hahaha) – yes I admit I have a bit of a skirt addiction, and lots of T-shirts which makes this rather hard, most of my stuff is light, busy or branded and I am not going shopping for the pleasure of being on TV. And certainly not for slacks or high heel shoes!!!

Now if all of this was no bad enough the added instructions were to Wear spring- and eco-inspired clothes please!

I need help please help me see if anything I tried on today will work. Please ignore the glasses and bad hair and no makeup you are only look at my clothes. These are some seriously bad pics of me. It is very hard not to feel like a complete plonker when posing like this.

1. (worried this one is not spring enough)

2. (think this one is too busy and the pink in the dress might clash with my hair – usually I don’t really care but this is TV you know)

3. (just not feeling this one at all – too boring I think)

4. (top too busy? yes i know the skirt needs ironing!)

5. (I think this one makes me look fat and clashes with my hair – does it matter?)

6. (This is the one my mom and Laura like)

I have 34 more skirts I could try so let me know if you are just not feeling these and I will see what else I can come up with.