What I learnt today

– my integrity matters.
– some friends are all talk but when you need them they can’t stand to be in the center of raw pain and emotion – I needed you tonight, I asked and you left!
– I am worth more than the way I have been treated.
– I want someone who would never have left me or gotten me into the situation I had to deal with alone today.
– My world is complex and difficult so look before you enter.
– I am stronger than I ever thought but hurt more than I conceived imaginable.
– I am harder and more guarded because of today and I hate that.
– feeling lonely is one of the hardest things in the whole world.
– when you think there are no more tears there are more.
– It is worth looking beyond what you get to who I am.
– Promises are empty without actions.
– I want a man who is safe and strong enough to give me his all.
– Sometimes just breathing feels too painful – I want to stop.
– Time carries on and as much as I do not want the sun to rise tomorrow, it will.

9 thoughts on “What I learnt today

  1. Chocolate!
    lindt chilli chocolate to add some spice
    hazlenut for the hard times
    a bubbly aero to lighten the load
    and a bag of chuckles to eat all by yourself (pref snuggled up in bed with a mag/good book/movie)


    it may not be a cure all , but it sure does help

  2. Sal, sorry to hear that you had a rough day. Wish I could do something to help you! Shout if there is anything I can do to help. I feel really helpless if my friends have so much pain and there isnt really something I can do to make it better.

  3. ((((nog ‘n GROOT drukkie)))). Hope you feel better. I agree, its sad abd bad when friends hurt and most of the times the ones outside cant do much except listen. One day the light will be the end.

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