Kid time

This morning the kids and I went to the Wet Nose dog rescue center fund raising day. The kids had fun and Laura and I got to spend too much money and try look like we were having fun. Poor Laura was not feeling well at all, and I was not in a great mood either, but we survived and the kids enjoyed the time out.

This afternoon Rachel asked if we could play with some of her plasticine modeling clay. It was actually quite fun. And I was totally amazed at what she made. There was a picture on the paper of a very boring butterfly, I think Rachel’s own creation was a million times better.

The Alien I made for Caleb

Rachel’s butterfly
plasticine butterfly

Rachel making a snake for Caleb
plasticine snake

plasticine snake

sweet boy

And then I did the pink in my hair again yesterday for my TV appearance on Tuesday, excuse the no make and no mascara, hate having such light eyelashes you can hardly see them, oh well you are supposed to be looking at my hair! But seriously not the best pics of me ever, hard to take a decent pic of yourself.

pink hair

pink hair

pink hair

What I learnt today

– my integrity matters.
– some friends are all talk but when you need them they can’t stand to be in the center of raw pain and emotion – I needed you tonight, I asked and you left!
– I am worth more than the way I have been treated.
– I want someone who would never have left me or gotten me into the situation I had to deal with alone today.
– My world is complex and difficult so look before you enter.
– I am stronger than I ever thought but hurt more than I conceived imaginable.
– I am harder and more guarded because of today and I hate that.
– feeling lonely is one of the hardest things in the whole world.
– when you think there are no more tears there are more.
– It is worth looking beyond what you get to who I am.
– Promises are empty without actions.
– I want a man who is safe and strong enough to give me his all.
– Sometimes just breathing feels too painful – I want to stop.
– Time carries on and as much as I do not want the sun to rise tomorrow, it will.