Weekend wine and kids

It was a quiet weekend actually, we spent a lot of time with Laura and her kids. We were there Friday afternoon, they came to us on Saturday for lunch and the afternoon and then we were at a braai today with another single mom. Wine was consumed, laughs were had and life was discussed.

My sweet boy – his sister threw a rock at him yesterday, poor little guy.

Rachel looking cheeky as ever

Cold Kiara after they played in the sprinklers


The awesome Laura braaied for the many many children.

Caleb loves Cameron and took his lunch straight to where Cameron was sitting. A bit of big boy hero worship.

Laura and I are similar in a lot of ways and I never realized how well she could understand me and read me until I was telling her something and she just said ‘oh I knew that already’ I had not needed to tell her she just sensed where I was at and what was happening in my life. She is a lot further along her journey as a single mom than me and her support and understand really helps. I can share things with her that few others would understand and even when I think she gets frustrated at my choices she is always supportive and protective of me.

Thanks Laura – you rock

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  1. HA! That picture is aweful man – lol – I am back to gym IMMEDIATELY :-p

    Thanks though for the kind words 🙂 It was a great weekend! And those pictures are lovely 🙂

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