Before and After Pics

This is actually a very very hard blog for me to do and I know that I don’t have to and I don’t have to do it quite so openly but I need to. It is part of me and I need to get out how I feel. I know I blogged about my breasts and lack there of before but the last few days I have been getting used to my new boobs and falling in love with them. There was a moment just a few days after when thought, oh my gosh what have I done, I just want the old me back. But that actually pasted very very quickly.

So looking at these before photos I am faced with the same embarrassment I felt before. I even joked with a friend after I split up from my ex that I would never have sex with the light on again. I never wanted to see anyone’s face the first time they saw me naked. But I did and they loved me as I was, and that is what I have to remember. I have to learn to love that old me too as she is part of embracing the new me, as I am no different, I am not the sum of my breasts. But heck it feels nice to wear stuff and not worry about looking 12!

Now something to remember, they are fake, and because I had very little to start with, well lets me honest – nothing, all of the after is silicone so yes they look round. It bothered me a bit in the beginning, I wanted them to look more natural and in time they will settle down a little and be less round, but even if they don’t I was never under the illusion that they would be perfect. But then which real boobs are perfect anyway? and excuse the cut under the new ones which you can still see as it is only 2 weeks since the op.

Okay so here they are
Before new bobs

New Boobs 3 weeks in

Feeling quite vulnerable now actually.

But I can wear this which I never could before

33 thoughts on “Before and After Pics

  1. Fabulous moments you will now experience:

    *Battle to button up sexy tops
    *Have to try push the boob to the side to see your abdomen
    *Keep a guys eye on your face
    *Food falling between the cleavage and having to go after it
    *Hugging someone and feeling the boobies strain between you
    *Oh I can go on.. but you get the picture šŸ˜‰

    But only someone who hasnt had boobs will understand what I mean..

    Well done, they look totally fabulous on you!!
    Enjoy šŸ˜‰

  2. Those are some hawt boobs!!!!! I want me some!!!! Ok…I’ve got some…but let me tell you…I’d like mine to be round and perky like that. You’re right, no natural boob is perfect. One day if I’m fortunate enough…I’ll have a lift I think. I would go from (.)(.) to (*)(*) he he

  3. You are really smoking hot Sal and these will just help you to feel more feminine and sexy. While they won’t change who you are they will give you added confidence and feeling of sex appeal and that can only help!

    Enjoy them!

  4. Well that’s a huge improvement. Honestly I don’t know why people have a problem with implants (or at least they say they do). Boobs are meant to look at. There’s only so much you can feel up.

    Although, this is the first time I’ve seen someone blogging about them. Good for you (and us guys!).

  5. Love the little hearts! Definitely now trouble filling those clothes now. Rachel will be pleased šŸ™‚

    I can just see her explaining loudly on the phone!

  6. I have no problem with small boobs. They can be just as sexy as big boobs. The difference comes in the way the owner feels about them. If she isn’t comfortable, then the sexy won’t be projected.

    You are already confident enough to show us these pics, so that confidence will only build and with it, the sex appeal will ooze.

    Never-the-less, you’re looking hot šŸ™‚

  7. Wow! You look great!
    As an aside, I’m working from Mugg & Bean today because of power cuts, and felt like a perv ( and a very lesbian one at that), staring at pics of your boobs online. A waitress came over to pick up something from my table, and I automatically changed the screen I was viewing, FAST:-)
    But seriously girl, you look great!

  8. Great. And “dapper” to blog iy. Now the outside looks like the inside feels. And that’s what we all sometimes need. So enjoy.

  9. Wow!
    Absolutely awesome!
    Well done for being so brave. I am seriously contemplating getting me some new boobs too, just waiting for birthing kiddies to be over.
    Enjoy them!

  10. Some real boobs are perfect, so you’re wrong in saying that, coz you do get women with very firm, high up breasts which are exactly the same size etc, I happen to have a pair, am very happy. Your after pic is much better! It must be very exciting to buy all the sorts of tops you liked but couldn’t wear before šŸ™‚ I’m very curious can you tell us what they feel like? fake boobs often look “hard” but are they actually squishy?

  11. Those boobs look great!! I’ve had issues with being flat chested pretty much all my life, too. And I actually have been mistaken for being not only 12, but a boy!!!
    I consulted a cosmetic surgeon in Dubai in about 2006, but ended up spending the money on a year’s tuition at university instead…
    Maybe someday I’ll also muster the guts to go for it.

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