Keeping busy

This seems to be the key. Laura and I took the kids to the park yesterday morning. They had a great time and it was so nice to sit out in the sun for awhile. I got sunburnt! Not a lot but still a touch pink. Who gets sunburnt in August?!? Laura took some really cute pics of the kids but they were deleted later that night – a long story.

I was at one point in the evening quite happy to just stay home and be a bit emo, but Laura and friends convinced me to go to a house party/braai which turned out to be such fun, but not in the traditional sense. I was a lot more sober than other people and it was just so funny to watch people’s interactions. I have not laughed so much in ages. The new boobs were on display and it is amazing how having silicone in your boobs makes them public property. Everyone wants to have a feel. Good thing it really does not bother me. It was quite nice to hear all the positive feedback.

Today again I was reminded how awesome it is to have great friends. Ansie just called us to say she had made lunch we must all come over so Laura, me and Barbara and all our many many kids spent the afternoon in Ansie’s garden drinking wine and discussing life.

Tonight when I got home I was in my usual stressed Get-kids-feed-and-to-bed mode and suddenly Caleb and I started playing and laughing and before long we were all having fun being silly. It was so nice to be Fun Mommy and not just Grumpy-surviving-barely Mommy. Amazing how much smoother the nights preparations for bed went because we were having fun. So my focus and moto for this week is as much fun with my small people as possible!! They have had a rough time these past months too and they are what get me through each day. This week is about fun.