Today I need safe

I am rather emotional today, well actually very very emotional. I know us single mom’s always go on about how we cope and survive because we have to and it is true you don’t get a choice. But today if I had a choice, in this very moment I want to be somewhere else, somewhere safe, somewhere it is okay to cry without worrying if the children will see me, somewhere I don’t have to think too much but can just curl up, feel safe and then when I feel stronger get up and go on again.

Today I just need to not to hold it all together, today I need arms to hold me while I cry, no questions ask, just let me fall apart for a bit then I will be able to get up and go on because I have to.

8 thoughts on “Today I need safe

    • Barbara you are a true true gem of a friend. I would never have survived these months without you. For now I need to be at home. It is total chaos and finding some order in it will help distract me.

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