1 sleep!

Well not really sure if I will sleep tonight. Excited, nervous and hectic. As usual I have too much to do and am not organised enough to get it all done, and what am I doing instead – blogging! It is 10:30 and I still have to pack the kids and my stuff for the few days we are staying at Barbara, tidy the house, remember my Morphine, try remember not to eat or drink again until surgery, send a few emails, add some stuff to the work website and blog and find a number for my mom to book for Rachel’s party.

Tomorrow this time I will be the proud owner of some very sore new breasts, the first time in my life I will have boobs. It is exciting and terrifying. – I hope I like them. They better be worth not being able to run for 6 weeks! Not sure I will survive without my happy drug for that long. Oh well 6 weeks out of a lifetime left to run is not so bad I guess.

Oh must remember to go take some before pictures, fishes around to find camera and memory stick…

3 thoughts on “1 sleep!

  1. Good luck with the operation! 🙂

    Ps! If running is something you get a kick out of then you might want to reconsider – never gets more comfortable to do that.

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