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May 2014
I married The Geek last year. He is really an amazing man. He is not perfect, but non of us are, what he does is remind me flaws and all how much he loves me as often as he can. Life is so different now from when I started this blog, but yet it still has its ups and downs.

I sold Earth Babies which I had run for many years. I found that I was past the baby stage and did not have as much love for it as I did before. I knew my friend Adeline would be perfect. So Earth Babies has a new Owner and I have turned my attentions to knitting pattern designing which I love and home schooling the kids which as they have gotten older is demanding more of my time. Knitting is my creative outlet, I have always been an ideas person. I have lots of ideas but I get bored quickly so designing helps me to make some of my ideas a reality and because I can make new things all the time I don’t get bored. You can find my patterns on Ravelry

I still have pink hair but am considering changing it

August 2011

My blog is having a face lift and theme change so I thought it was time to update this section too. I have left the original about me below so you can see how much I have changed and grown in the last 2 years.

I am Sally-Jane a pink haired mom of 3. We are blessed to live on the beautiful West Coast of South Africa. I am lucky enough to share my life with an amazing man. I sometimes find myself caught quite off guard with how much he loves me.

I homeschool my kids, love to craft and knit, run a small on line natural baby business Earth Babies and do some freelance writing.

Lessons I have learnt :

– you will make mistakes
– thank goodness for 2nd chances
– when you are really in love you will know it with every fibre of your being
– be true to yourself, you are the only one who can live your potential to the maximum
– don’t judge others and their choices. Life has a way of throwing curve balls at you. You never know when you, your friends or family might be faced with the same choice.
– abundance is around, look for it

And yes I still have pink hair 2 years later.
If you want to contact me my email is cameronsallyjane (at) gmail.com

pink hair

July 2009
I am a 32 year old newly re-single mom to 2 of the greatest kids on earth. If I could have planned how my life would turn out I guess I would not have planned it this way, but it has all shaped me into who I am and reminded me to be true to myself.

So I have pink hair, it is something quite new.  I was saying to a friend how I love it and can’t imagine life without pink hair; it is definitely something here to stay. He asked why and I did not really have a good answer, I said some about just liking it. Well then next day  I looked in the mirror while drying  my hair and I just suddenly thought ‘oh there you are!’

It is just like it reminds me of the me inside, the one hidden for rather a long time now. That passionate person who is a little different, who loves to think, talk, have wild ideas, laugh and just be. It reminds me that I can get there again and that I will be okay. All that from hair colour? Ja it is just what it makes me feel, so while it might be a bit in your face  ‘here I am different’  it is so much more than that. It makes me think of who I am and what I like and restores my slightly battered soul. It reminds me to be true to myself and that deviation from the normal is okay.

Deep thoughts for just hair, but so be it. So the pink stays for the foreseeable future. Besides I also love watching people’s reaction. I love watching people at the best of times, this just makes it more fun.

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  2. I’ve just stumbled across your blog and have to let you know that reading a few of your latest and past entries has made me smile today. Thank you for that!
    Zoe – Cape town.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE your pink hair and what it says about you!

    I’m building up the guts to go black with purple this side…hubby will go nuts obviously, being a VERY conservative Afrikaans farmerboy……..

  4. I would go blue, electric in places, but mainly midnight…and straight. And, yes, I think showing that side of me…the ‘in(ner)’side, would be an incredible release; and a source of fearless strength. Do I have the courage for fearless strength??

  5. Hi there, Sally-Jane

    Hope this mail finds you well.

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    Keep up the fantastic work! We are looking forward to hear from you.

    Waiting in anticipation.

    Yours sincerely,
    NXT\ Digital Innovation
    (Agency for 2012 Dettol Campaign)

  6. Hey Sally-Jane:) My name is Ashleigh obviously haha and I came across your sight by chance this morning when I was trying to figure out where in South africa I could buy gorgeous odd hair colour nd well in alll seriousness that isn’t going so well:/ hahaha I’v put odd colours in my hair before but at the hair dresser but as I’m sure you can imagine its a tad pricey nd hairdressers being hairdressers they not always so keen on doing what you* want done! So once again here I am looking to find colour that I can do myself nd like I said I came across a link for your page for a colour give away from 2 years back which is a wee-while ago but I’m sure you still doing the colour thing??:p So please Sally, tell me where you buy your colour from?! Hahaha
    Thanx in advance, Keep well & colourful:p
    Ashleigh x

  7. Thank you for telling how to measure the bustline for a sweater. I frogged one yesterday.
    Ontario Canada

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