101 things about me

101 things

A lot of people have these on their blogs and I actually love reading them so I thought I would do one myself. So if you really really want to know some arb stuff about me then here is your chance, if not I totally understand not wanting to read this much crap about some chic with pink hair.

1) I like chocolate cover raisins a lot

2) In fact I like sweet stuff in general, and all the weird ones too like Turkish delight and liquorish. Not so wild about marzipan though.

3) I can’t sit still for more than 3 nano seconds. ( maybe it is all the sugar – no really I can’t sit still anyway, even when I cut out sugar) I wriggle and fidget and move most of the time. I am that annoying person that plays with the candle wax when you go out. I wriggle in my chair at movies and change position often. I have no idea how people just sit down and then get up at the end of a movie without having moved.

4) I tried to give up all sugar once after I read this article Sugar the sweet thief of life I did not succeed very well.

5) I am a middle child – does that mean something?

6) I have 2 sisters – my poor dad the only guy surrounded by 4 women, but he has a grandson now

7) I miss my sisters, they both live in the UK and I feel very disconnected from them

8) I talk too much and sometime find myself interrupting others not because I am rude or even usually aware that I am doing it, it is just that my brain goes at 100 miles an hour and the words just pour out sometimes. (so sorry if I do this to you, I really do try not to but as I said it happen unconsciously sometimes)

9) I blame growing up in a house where we talked a lot and conversation and debate were common and you just all spoke at the same time and conversation meandered in and out with some starting ideas and others adding and so conversation moved and developed. I forget you can’t always do that with other people. In my family you can add an idea in mid sentence and then look at it for a while and go back to the original idea if needed or just go with the new flow.

10) that said I am a good listener and can often see things people think they have hidden well.

11) I love a good argument/debate, it is not even about winning ( well yes I guess it is) but it is the joy and fun of working with an idea and seeing how it stands up to another idea. Sometimes you realize you need to amend your argument as the other person has a valid point and sometimes you are the one to prove the validity of your argument, but often you have to agree to disagree and that is totally cool too.

12) I can’t sing – really really can’t sing at all. – if fact I think I have zero musical ability

13) but I know a lot more about classical oboe and reed making than most people (I lived with a oboe player friend in Switzerland for a while)

14) I was a nanny to twins in Basel Switzerland for a year

15) I baked space cakes the one day while I was looking after them – no I did not eat them while working, I just baked them for later. Had to open all the windows in February in Switzerland to get rid of the smell.

16) I have smoked and eaten my fair share of weed when I was younger but never done any other drugs

17) I did a little bit of cross country skiing but would love to learn to ski or snow board properly – I just worry that I am too uncoordinated, but I am going to try when I get the chance.

18) I did the most amazing trip around Europe in the summer of 2000 with my best friend Heather. There are memories of a lifetime in that trip.

19) 4 words that you will not understand the true meaning of unless you have been there ‘Pink Palace Corfu Greece’

20) I can speak a tiny bit of broken German

21) I love to travel, my ex hated it. There is so many places I still want to go to and so many I would love to go back to.

22) I would love to travel with a guy next time, I think it could bring a whole new dimension to the experience.

23) I like to see the less touristy parts of a place and really get to know what it is like rather than just the façade that it puts on for those who visit briefly

24) Barcelona is one of my favourite cities; maybe it is because I like mosaic and so Gaudi and his amazing mosaic and strange architecture all over really appeal to me.

25) I want to see Hunderwaser house in Vienna for much the same reason

26) I would love to own a house that I can express my personality in; I want mosaic, colour, shape and form that is flowing open and unique.

27) There is this book I look at often in Exclusive books, it is called Houses in the sun, written by 2 architects called House and House , I dream of being able to have a house like one of these, but right now I can’t even afford the book let alone a house like that. – one day…

28) I would love to have a huge herb garden.

29) All things natural appeal to me, but I like the modern conveniences of life too, the challenge is to find a balance.

30) I am dyslexic and who decided that this was a good word to use!? People who can’t spell do not want to use spell check each time they wish to name the condition they have! Letters and numbers just don’t do quite what they should inside our heads.

31) I usually have a word document open on my pc at all times so when I am chatting to people or using a platform that does not have spell check I can quickly check how to spell all the great words that pop onto my head during conversation. So if you are chatting to me and there is a delay in me answering I am probably checking my spelling quickly.

32) I love spell check

33) Numbers and maths confuse me totally, like I just don’t get them at all. They don’t seem to do the same thing in my head as they do in other peoples’ heads. I can’t do mental arithmetic for love nor money. Adding up my part of a bill when out sends me into a cold sweat. I always worry I did it wrong and did not pay the right amount.

34) – I hate it when people always think bad spelling is just laziness or an indication of your intelligence, I was told to read more at school that it would help me spelling. Ja right, like 6 books a week was not enough!

35) My standard 1 teacher told my mom not to expect much from me as with my learning difficulties I would struggle – fuck you lady I have a university degree and own my own business.

36) I swear too much, especially since I think that there are such fantastic word in our great language that could make a point so much more eloquently and with far more impact, but sometimes fuck is just the word you need

37) I love reading, words to so beautiful and books can touch your life. They really are soul food.

38) I want to read as many books as I can on the 101 books to read before you die. as you can see I am not doing all that well yet

39) I never read only one book at a time, in fact I think I am reading 4 at the moment.

40) I am a trained nurse and midwife, I do not like general nursing much but there is something about birth and death that is a privilege to be part of.

41) Before having kids I was a Palliative Care Nurse Specialist. Care of terminally ill patients for those that are too lazy to Google.

42) I have seen more dead bodies than most people.

43) I have been with families when loved ones died but have not lost anyone besides Grandparents myself yet. And the thought is too terrifying to even contemplate.

44) I love teaching/facilitating learning

45) I lectured in Palliative care

46) I broke my arm horse riding when I was 12

47) It was the first time I had broken anything or had stitches I did a good job, both bone straight through and the whole wrist was displaced, needed 3 ops, screws and plates.

48) I can’t hold my right hand flat with the palm up since I broke my arm.

49) I have not ridden a horse since and not sure I ever will

50) I wear contact lenses, I am very blind without them. I hate it when I take out my contact without first having found my glasses, because then I search around with my nose 2cm from the counter tops trying to find them.

51) I often have to get my kids to help me find my glasses

52) I have fake boobs and I love them, you can read about them here, here and here and lastly here

53) I was okay about having surgery for my boobs but would be terrified to have that corrective eye laser thingy.

54) I ran the comrades marathon once

55) I will never run the comrades marathon again, I would do the 2 Oceans again but have no desire to do Comrades again. I am so very very glad that I did it, it was on my bucket list.

56) I would love to do a triathlon

57) I will never do a triathlon as I can’t ride a bike

58) No really really I can not ride a bicycle and I am too scared to try and I go into why learning would be bad for me here

59) I do own a fairly expensive yellow mountain bike though.

60) I have over 40 different skirts, I love skirts especially long maxi length skirts, but I have recently bought some shorter ones and am quite liking them too.

61) I lived in England for 2 year on 2 different occasions, and hate it both times.

62) I get SAD (seasonal affective disorder) if I don’t see the sun often.

63) I have had 2 home waterbirths, one was an unassisted birth – no medical professionals attending. My best friend Dimity was there as support for me she is a nurse but was not there in her medical capacity.

64) My daughter watched her brother being born

65) I thought I was finished having kids but now am open to the idea that if I meet someone who wants kids I could have more.

66) I always wear mascara; I have very light eyelashes that you can hardly see.

67) I love having pink hair

68) I love watching people’s reactions to my pink hair, although I don’t do it for the reaction.

69) I am an ENFP – Myers Briggs Personality test

70) I am not a completer finisher at all, I am the passionate ideas person. I love ideas and talking about them, it does not matter if most of them never happen the fun is having the ideas.

71) I am not tidy by nature, I do try but there is always a little bit of chaos around me. If things are too neat and organised and orderly it make me nervous, you cant just live and relax and be at home if it is too perfect.

72) I love sushi

73) I have a sushi mat and like trying to make it at home, I am not very good but it is fun.

74) Food should be about so much more than just nutrients, it is a whole sensory experience.

75) I love trying new things to cook and eat but am reduced to fish fingers and the like when the kids are little. No point in spending ages in the kitchen and they won’t eat it anyway.

76) I have a pasta maker and love making home made pasta, there is something quite therapeutic about rolling it.

77) I love coffee, good coffee not instant stuff.

78) I like wine and would love to learn more and be a more discerning wine drinker, but at the moment I could never afford really good wine so maybe it is better I do not train my palette just yet.

79) I don’t like driving and would always rather be driven.

80) My cars have always had names, some girls and some boys but the name always comes to me when I am driving there was Matilda, Samantha, Robert ( who now belongs to D) I have recently bought my mom’s car so I hope it will have a name soon – but these things can’t be rushed it will tell me its name in good time.

81) My car in the UK was the only one I never named, maybe because it was never really mine.

82) I live in a small double story flat next to my parents house, it is close enough that they are a great support, but separate enough to give us all our own space and independence.

83) I hate washing dishes and sometimes take my dishes on a tray over to my parent’s dishwasher.

84) I don’t have a TV in my flat, there is a large flat screen TV in the garage that belongs to my ex but I feel wrong using it now so I don’t. It just sits in the garage with the rest of his stuff. The kids watch TV at my parent’s house.

85) I am a Gemini and I think rather than 2 personalities I just have a head and a heart that often pull in different directions. Mostly my heart wins and I am not sure this is such a good idea but it is very persuasive

86) I want a chocolate Labrador

87) I am more of a dog person than a cat person.

88) I am not fond of reptiles and my kids will not be allowed to have snake, spiders, lizards or any of these strange creatures unless I find a future partner/husband/boyfriend person that likes them and is willing to help the kids look after them.

89) Fish seem totally pointless pets to me.

90) I loved dogs so much that I wanted to be a vet when I was a kid, I even worked a few holidays at our local vet.

91) I wear Clarins Par Amour as my everyday perfume and Coco Chanel Mademoiselle as my going out special perfume.

92) I am usually late

93) I have no sense of direction and am often lost. In fact soon after we get into the car my kids usually ask if we are lost. As soon as I can afford it I am going to buy a GPS thingy.

94) I don’t instinctively know my left from my right. I have scars on my right arm from my horse riding accident and this is how I know which is right.

95) I run an internet based business but actually know very little about computers and it frustrates me.

96) My love language is physical touch.

97) I can sew and knit but don’t get much time to do either

98) I am creative but not really arty. I always have a few crafty type projects on the go and like trying new things. My latest one was this mosaic table. I am rather fickle and never do the same craft too many times over as I get bored, that said I actually quite like mosaic because there is so much you can do with it. We will see how long it lasts

99) I have done tie dye, candle wicking, quilting, batik, fabric painting, candle making, paper making, natural vegetable dyeing, scrap booking, beading and I am sure there are more that I have not thought of yet.

100) I have renumbered this list numerous times as I thought of things that followed on from ideas I had already listed. I wanted to wait to the end to number it but then I got tired of counting how many I still needed to do.

101) I have started introducing myself as Sally-Jane to new people that I meet, I don’t expect people who have known me for ages to change and start calling me both but I really love my name and want to use the full name.

21 thoughts on “101 things about me

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  2. “Herb garden”? he he he.

    I can only read one book at a time.

    I have seen footage of them sticking needles in people’s eye for lasic surgery. I would also be terrified, but might do it if I could afford it.

    I loved the skirt you were wearing when I met you! (it was a pink one :))

    I hope you did some wine tasting while you were here in Cape Town.

    My car’s name is Cherry.

    I also hate washing dishes. My dishwasher was the best purchase we ever made.

    When I went for my driver’s test I had a big L on my left hand and R on my right hand so I wouldn’t make a mistake. It’s not obvious.

    I am super interested in trying out mosaic. I think it is beautiful.

    Sorry. I just randomly wrote these things down as I was reading.

  3. I’m also a total sweet freak – I think I’ve eaten more of the Halloween stash than my kids have!!

    My car’s name is Tyler.

    We have very similar views about quite a lot of things, apparently.

    Was your best friend Heather (the Eurotrip one) by any chance also a nurse/midwife person?

  4. Spell checker/Word document: I myself also do this – I hate misspelling things and Firefox is also nice with the spelling thing. I do not see people who misspell as people who are not educated because it is SO easy to make a typing mistake and some people are just not good with spelling.

    “I love watching people’s reaction to my pink hair” – When I have met you the first time, the pink hair was something which attracted the eye but not as much as to how of a beautiful woman you are. (Do not take this offensive but it’s true – you are a beautiful lady.) So in my opinion that is what attracts the eye of most people 🙂

  5. acidicice – i think it might just be the rosemary and thyme type now a days
    MeeA – no not that Heather, but she is delivered my daughter
    Damaria – not dyeing the veggies, but using natural plant based dyes, like nettles, beetroot, blackberries etc
    Scott- it is all about the fun
    Zola – what a nice thing to say, thank you
    Barb – I think you knew most of them
    Jane – loved reading yours, love seeing how different people approach these

  6. I’ve “seen” you a few times on Wenchy’s photo’s and had to wander in and say Hello. Love this list – clearly your time management is much better than mine to be able to do all you do.

    • Charms – thanks for coming to say hi, I am not sure I have good time management at all, I just love to start loads of things, not everything gets finished though. I do like trying to live life at high speed with lots going on though. Embrace as much as it has to offer

  7. Hi…

    Nice list there… and i have myself written a list that so far includes 17 things…. but not as good as this one….

    I have been sitting so long on the system that i don’t even remember how i came here… there’s no follow me widget here… How do i follow you??

  8. Hello 🙂 Found your blog via some other blog and decided to read your list. Totally awed how much we have in common! However, I prefer cats to dogs, and have only had weed twice 🙂
    Struggling to name our latest two cars, but as you say, it will come in time!
    Will def be following you fom now on!

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  10. Loved your list! Mine only tool me a few days to write, but that is because I can talk crap for hours, thus writing crap comes easy 😉
    You share a birthday with my son! And please tell me all about veggie dyeing when I meet you in december!

  11. just thought id take a peek here seeing as i follow your twitter news. wow so my family isnt the only ones that talk,interupt and go back to original topic seeing as im a family of 6 not surprising although does get overwhelming to ppl that come from small families.
    im also a contact lense person am as blind as a bat without them but im petrified to have the op as much as i would love it! and b4 u think im some strange stalker im wobbly01 on twitter

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