Growing the pink out?


I am thinking of growing my pink hair out. This is not the first time I have thought this, but I usually chicken out and just redye it. I love my pink hair. It has become part of my identity, but I do wonder if my strawberry blonde hair is still there.

Rachel has hair like mine used to be. I was convinced mine when more brown as I got old but now looking back at photos I am not sure.
This is me when the kids were small

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Adenomyosis – search for a natural cure


I have written about my very heavy periods before since then things have gotten worse and I have been diagnosed with something called Adenomyosis. Which is basically the cells from the lining of the uterus getting into the muscle layer and then every month when you have a period you bleed into the muscle which results in tearing and swelling of the uterus.

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African Flower animal collection


I posted about my one a day challenge that I was doing on HeidiBears Ravelry group

I thought I needed to add an update as to what I have made with some of the motifs. As much fun as I am having making and photographing the African Flower motif in new place, the end goal is to make toys with them.

I finished the Hippopotamus for Titus’s birthday. I could not crochet before this and I am quite proud of myself and the most important is that he loves it

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Rachel’s Hair Donation

Sometimes my children do things that make me think that I can’t be doing such a bad job at parenting after all.

Rachel has the most beautiful colour hair. People stop her on the street and in the shop to comment on her hair. Mostly telling her not to ever cut it. She loves her hair, and like any little girl loves it long and pretty. So it was quite a surprise to me when she said she wanted to cut it. She does not want to cut it because she does not want long hair anymore but rather she wants to donate it to a child/person with cancer for a wig.

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Locally available yarn


I am sometimes asked about the yarns that I use and where I get them as most are not available in the average wool shop – not that there are even that many of those. I get most of the yarn I use on line and there are some good places here in South Africa but you have to know about them, so I am spreading the word.

I am not a yarn snob and I will use acrylic for stuff too, especially kids toys or jerseys for kids that are going to get a lot of wear and tear and need to machine washable 1000 times. But there is something very nice about natural yarns. Wool is of course so much warmer than acrylic, it does not squeak as you knit or crochet.

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Caleb’s story


Caleb has quite surprised me. He was struggling with pencil grip and so has never been that keen on writing. One day after Rachel had finished practicing her spelling words on the white board, he surprised me by saying that he want to write a story.

This is how the story starts. He tells me the words and I spell them out for him

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One a day – Heidi Bears challenge


My good friend and crochet designer HeidiBears makes the most beautiful crochet animals. She sells her patterns over on Ravelry.

I am very new to crochet in fact the African Flower is all that I can make really. I learned just to be able to make Heidi’s beautiful toys. But it take me quite long to make each motif. I started a hippo in April last year when the pattern came out. But it got put aside as work on my book took center stage. I was always knitting, swatching or pattern writing for the book and crochet took a back seat.

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Dear Thandile Sunduza you are beautiful


I don’t know you and I am just a little person. Well, not in stature, as I am nearly 6 feet tall, but in terms of influence. I don’t like politics and I have to admit that before this fiasco, I did not even know who you were. While I ignore most of the political stuff that goes on, one thing I cannot ignore, is a woman being treated badly.

I think you are beautiful. The photos of you laughing are so full of joy. You obviously take pride in being a little less ordinary, and not to just blend in. As someone with pink hair, who many, I am sure, think is ridiculous, I applaud this attitude. I don’t really care what your dress looked like, or if it was a fashion boo-boo. What I care about is the way people tore you apart. The things people said and the ‘funny’ cartoon comparisons were nothing more than ugly bullying.

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Own less, Live more

Photo by Andre vanRooyen

Photo by Andre vanRooyen

This is my motto for 2014. AT the beginning or 2012 I wrote how my word for the year was to be more Organised. Well I have been failing for 2 years. The clutter grew and so did my anxiety and my inability to cope. The visual clutter and stuff was making me feel overwhelmed. I felt like all I was doing all day was trying to contain the stuff and stop it taking over. It was like sea of belonging that I managed to clear away and organise – low tide, and then high tide would come and the stuff would all be everywhere again. I got boxes, drawers and container, I tried to label and sort everything to make it look more organised, but it never lasted. I felt like a complete failure. I would get mad with the kids and shout when stuff got mess and I was visually assaulted with all these things around me. I would feel my head swimming and my blood pressure rising.

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