4KCBWDAY5 Something different

Today we are supposed to blog in a way that is totally different from our normal style. Mine is writing and pictures so I could not think of anything else creative, a video was out with 3 small kids running around, and besides my pink needs re-doing.

The Geek helped out so I get double points because I don’t usually have guest bloggers, he made me a Derpina Knitting Rage Comic.


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4 Responses to "4KCBWDAY5 Something different"

  1. Clare says:

    Ha ha. I think the geek must have been a fly on the walk at our house recently. Genius post. Love it.

  2. Shinybees says:

    This is so true. Love the way the eyeballs are looking the opposite way in the last scene!

  3. mvi says:

    Hilarious! Too True! :-)

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