Pinky and The Geek wedding theme

This is a run down of the day and all the little things we did to make the day about us. We were pretty non traditional in many regards using and doing only things we liked from a normal wedding plan and adding things we thought were cool and geeky

We decided to do a first look at the beach so that Yme could see me before everyone else. He is shy so I know that in front of a lot of people he would be guarded with his reaction.
If click on this link it will play an animation of the series of photo of him saying “oh wow” that Andre put on flickr

I really loved this relaxed time together we had at the beach

We then had a short 20 min photo session on the farm.

We wanted all the photos done before and we wanted no line ups of pictures. I hate having to wait for the bride and groom to have pictures after a wedding. I once waited 3 hours, and I really did not want our guest to have to wait around for us. And The Geek is not very fond of pictures anyway. We wanted to greet and be with our family and friends straight away.

After the photos and before the service there was a lemonade stand that The Geek made and we had recycled glass jars that I had collected the months before. We used etching cream to etch all sorts of Geeky symbols into the glasses. We had all sorts of symbols like Pi, The Android man, Batman, Star Trek, Hashtag, Twitter bird etc We etched more than 70 glasses over many evenings. But it was important to include this Geeky element
to make this about us.

While everyone was arriving and getting drinks and taking their seats, The Geek and I played cards in Carle’s office. It is one of my favourite memories of the day.

The service took place under the trees and their was an eclectic mix of chairs, haybales, and benches.

The Geek and I walked out together to the instrumental version of Pinky and the Brain with Rachel as a flower girl and Ghilraen my bridesmaid. I decided that my dad had done his bit in walking all 3 of his girls down the isle before and this time he could just sit and relax. Please note the pompoms in the trees that many of my Ravelry friends helped me make.

The service and what we said I have already blogged about here but of course during the service there was even knitting

And the odd burping competition between Caleb and Meelah!

After the service and while we were signing the register the guests got paper planes handed to them and they could either stand at their seats or they could move onto the field below so that they could throw the paper planes. This was our more geeky version of throwing confetti. Ghilraen folded most of these planes and I was so chuffed that Andre got some action shots of her throwing one. The kids have light sabres as a sword salute as we walked out to Star Wars music. The safety glasses were a put on before we walked out as a joke, but people really do aim for your head!

After we had greeted all our guests we had a big group photo

I was not going to do any of the traditional flower or garter throwing – I did not even have a garter. But Carle mentioned that one of the ladies that worked for her Tumeka really wanted to catch the bouquet, so we called her down to come and stand in front of me and I threw the flowers just to her. She was delighted.

Jo and her husband had an awesome coffee table, while The Geeks brother Jacques and his friends helped to hand out home made beer that Karl had brewed.

Many many people helped to make all the food and there was a lot of comments about how nice the food was. We had it during the day so that it was a good time for the children. We wanted to have our kids involved and so a day time rather than evening wedding made sense. We are not big dancers and so a kid friendly wedding suit us better. We have kids, a lot of our friends have kids and we wanted them to be involved. I think children are left out of important ceremonies in life too often now a days.

For a wedding register we had a tree printed and everyone put their finger print on it and signed their names. I had coloured ink pads and baby wipes all set up on a table

Instead of traditional speeches I asked my dad if he wanted to say something but that it could be anything he liked it did not have to be a traditional wedding speech. He decided to do a talk to the kids about snails. And used some drawing he and the kids had done during a visit to their house. It was about the journey snails go on and how marriage is like going on a journey. It was lovely and my dad is so animated, he really captured their imagination

I did the Thank You speech as The Geek really hates speaking in public

We then had cake which I already blogged about here

All in all it was a magical day.

A special mention is needed of the beautiful tiara that The Geek got me. We love the series The Big Bang Theory and after Amy and the tiara I just knew I had to have one for the wedding. The Geek chose and ordered it all from Etsy himself.

Then Carle made the most beautiful necklace to match with beads we found on one of our Saturday journeys to buy wedding stuff.

They are both things that I will treasure forever, made and chosen by people very close to me

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