Surpriso Box : Arts and crafts made easy

I like the idea of doing arts and crafts with my kids, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of actually doing it this is where I trip up. Either we doing have all the supplies and I don’t want to buy 100 brown bags to use 3 or I don’t want 5 different colour rolls of celephane to cut out a small piece of each. Arts and crafts take effort and planning and I worry about the mess and cleaning up.

If you are like me and think you should do more crafts with your kids but always put it off with a lot of excuses then Surpriso is for you. Well it is for you if you are Super Mom, all organised and don’t mind mess too, it will just make it a little easier. But for moms who are a little frayed around the edges and the house is already a tip and the thought of adding paint and glitter makes you want to cry it is perfect.


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Episode 47: Drowning in Fibre

The kids went to a woodland party and looked very cute in their different outfits

Finished Objects

At last the White Sandy Beach socks and Titus’s socks are finished and we have entered them in all the knit alongs

Works in Progress

Mama Vertebrae in Elle Elite 50% wool 50% cotton in peach with yellow stripe

The colour reminded Rachel of a Naartjie so we showed what a Naartjie is as it seems to be a South African word only and Dave and Devin were asking about what it was on Instagram

Rachel’s kiddy Vertebrae is out of Noro Kureyon Sock

August socks are from Electric Carnation and are for Women’s Day in South Africa 3 rainbows for women being multi cultrural, multi talented and multi faceted. Such a genius idea from Wooldiaries.

Sally got me some One of a Kind Bamboo at the market in Pretoria for me to make Titus’s teacher a Volstruis scarf/cowl

Remember the Hat Along
Any hat, any size, knit or crochet.

We got a LOT of fiber from a destash and are going to divide it up with some friends so we all get to try some Alafoss

Prizes for Opposites KAL

Yarn Stash Blues DK CraftyLynetteR
Yarn Stash sock – Vivieknits
Stellar FibreWorks from Gina – Averil
Tea Collection of hats from Clare Devine – dgwhite
Beaded Hippo – MrsQuilt
Yarn Bling bag – mimiteacher
yarn bling bag – hmgtt
Incomparable Buttons – denaliWWT

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